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IT for Small-Business Budgets 

Electronic Document Management System

Document Scanning, Capture and Management are some of our Electronic Records Management Services. Scanning, indexing, Document Conversion and Data Capture are executed either Off Site or On Site for clients looking for Electronic Document Management to support a Paperless Office and an organized Electronic Archive System

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EDMS Benefits

Easy Accessibility of Data – Your organization will have speedy and multiple simultaneous access.

Efficiency – Time is critical in today’s business. Electronic Document Management allows you to efficiently and accurately find the Documents and Files you need.

Confidentiality – All electronic information can be encrypted.

Cost – Your floor area can be utilized to expand your business and free-up office space.

  1. HOW IT WORKS - STEP 1 -Assessment & Study – We conduct a complete study and analysis of the volumes, types, needs and technical details of the project.
  2. STEP 2  - Financial Estimate – Develop the scope of work and provide a detailed and economical financial estimate.
  3. STEP 3 -  Project Setup – A project team will implement and share with you the Workflow Management Systems and lead the project to successful implementation.
  4. STEP 4 -  Implementation – The team will then manage and deliver all electronic records as per the client’s requirements:.